NHL 2020: Cyber Championship launch

We invite you, dear bro, to take part in an amateur cyber championship! We intend to recruit sufficient number of people around the world to hold an exciting cyber championship in the official NHL game and try to forget about the ill-fated coronavirus!

Game and platform

The championship will be held on the basis of the game NHL 20 from the studio EA Sports. All platforms are available. The main thing is to recruit a sufficient number of participants.


In order to join the tournament, you just need to send a request to [email protected]. Please, indicate the following info:

  1. game (NHL 20)
  2. platform
  3. platform login
  4. site login
  5. country
  6. wanted length of period

Send a request & tell your friends!


The tournament grid and the schedule of matches will be posted after completion of registration. Deadline for submissions to be received by 30 April (inclusive). Since it is impossible to play against each other on different platforms, a separate tournament grid will be created for each platform.

First, we will divide the participants into groups in which everyone will play with each other. The best players from each group will go into the playoffs. In each stage of the playoffs, one match is played, the winner goes on. If the match ends in a draw – overtime, then shootouts.

Game settings

  • Rules: Custom
  • Period: 4 minutes
  • Tie-break: 5 min. (3 on 3) and bullet
  • Fight: on
  • Penalties: on
  • Injuries: on


After the matches the players send the results to [email protected] (screenshots, photos, or just text, if both sides honestly send the same results). During the 24 hours we will update the tournament grid and post the latest information on the site.

Video recording of the games are welcome! Then we can put them on the site.

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