#Cyber Championship WRC 2020

WRC 2020: Cyber Championship launch

WRC 2020

We invite you, dear bro, to take part in an amateur cyber championship! We intend to recruit sufficient number of people around the world to hold an exciting cyber championship in the official WRC game and try to forget about the ill-fated coronavirus!

Game and platform

The championship will be held on the basis of the game WRC 8 from the studio Kylotonn. All platforms are available. The main thing is to recruit a sufficient number of participants.


In order to join the tournament, you just need to send a request to [email protected]. Please, indicate the following info:

  1. game (WRC 8)
  2. platform
  3. platform login
  4. site login
  5. country

Send a request & tell your friends!


Full season, 14 rounds, on each of which 4-6 special stages will be selected (depending on the round):

26/04 15:00 (GMT)Monaco
03/05 15:00 (GMT)Sweden
10/05 15:00 (GMT)Mexico
17/05 15:00 (GMT)France
24/05 15:00 (GMT)Argentina
31/05 15:00 (GMT)Chile
07/06 15:00 (GMT)Portugal
14/06 15:00 (GMT)Italy
21/06 15:00 (GMT)Finland
28/06 15:00 (GMT)Germany
05/07 15:00 (GMT)Turkey
12/07 15:00 (GMT)United Kingdom
19/07 15:00 (GMT)Spain
26/07 15:00 (GMT)Australia

Round holding

10 minutes before the start the is created public lobby “BRO Champ”. Participants enter the lobby and await start of the competition. The maximum allowable delay is 5 minutes. Before each stage will be selected the person responsible (admin) for creating the lobby and his insurance. Since there is no way in WEC 19 combine platforms in one lobby, on each platform will be own admin for creating a lobby. If there are more than eight participants on one platform, we will divide participants into equal groups.


The lobby administrator sends to [email protected] a snapshot of the race results. We will determine the results by combining race times of all platforms. The winner is determined by the lowest time, the silver medalist – by the following, etc. Points in the championship are awarded according to the WRC system: 25 for victory, 18 for silver, 15 for bronze, etc, and +1 point for fast lap.

Complaints about violations (with evidence) are accepted within 24 hours. Video recording of the games are welcome! Then we can put them on the site.

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